Table Manners Etiquette

Have you ever looked at a formal dinner table and thought, Oh oh, which fork do I use? Which bread plate is mine? What do I do with my napkin? This article clears up the confusion, so you can display proper etiquette at the dining table.

Use the right fork for proper table manners

First, locate your own place setting. It will be in the form of a square in front of you. Your bread plate is always on the left. Glasses are always on the right. How can you remember? Easy. The words Food and Left each have four letters. Drink and Right each have five letters.

Proper napkin etiquette

Table manners

Bad manners to avoid

Remember, having good table manners is about much more than using the right fork. But once you know your way around the table, you’ll feel more relaxed, knowing that you are using proper table etiquette and good manners.

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